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The case of the Omega changed in size three times (see also : History of the Speedmaster). The first Speedmaster, the CK2915 was used till 1959. After that, the CK2998 was produced, and was slightly bigger. Since the Professional-mark is on the dial, they use a bigger case (42mm instead of 40mm).Look below for the images.


case1.jpg (20224 bytes) case2.jpg (26623 bytes) case3.jpg (25446 bytes)

The push buttons changed from (diameter) 4mm to 5mm in 1962. The CK2915 and CK2998 used the 4mm push buttons and since the production of the ST105003 Omega used the 5mm push button. The left picture below is the 4mm push button and the picture on the right is using a 5mm push button.

bez1.jpg (15375 bytes) bez2.jpg (14836 bytes)


The winding crown (with Omega symbol) has changed in size also. The pictures below are showing it.
crown1.jpg (12682 bytes) crown2.jpg (14054 bytes) crown3.jpg (12539 bytes)