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The Omega Speedmaster (Professional) went through a lot of little changes. The most detailed changes are probably those on the dial and hands. Below you can see a few photographs of the Speedmaster dial through the years. The recently released 1957 Re-edtion of the Speedmaster also have the big hands like the CK2915. You can see this one at the photoalbum on my website.

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The most famous change on the dial is maybe the Omega logo. From 1957 till 1968 Omega used the metal applied Omega logo on the dial.Most people still like the metal applied logo more then the white marked. The metal applied logo was probably changed into white because of the cost. Omega was the only brand back then using metal for their logo on the dial.

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The characters on the dial changed a lot through the years, take especially a good look on the S and the 'r'.


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